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Kingdom Roses 1

Our beautiful story began in May 2020, at a time of global crisis, we had an idea to mitigate the economic factor, we wanted to find a way to generate some income for the home. We ask God, as is our custom, to be our guide in this new endeavor and to be the one to allow us to go, hopefully very far and this has been the case with Kingdom Roses 1, an exciting experience that has connected us with many people in many places and that today, thanks to technology, we want to reach many more people.

About Kingdom

In Kingdom Roses 1, we are an authentic family, a team with values ​​of parents and children and together, we generate a team without limits, capable of creating feelings of love and friendship in a very special way through roses. We love our work, we want to send a message to the world, impact as many people as we can and be able to tell them that it is always a good time to send a beautiful detail to those loved ones that you love and value so much.

We offer products of unmatched quality that will allow you to express your feelings and emotions in a way beyond simple words.

We are sure that our products will always impact, as we permanently think about ensuring that all your messages arrive faithfully, ensuring that you receive the best for you and yours.

We are a great alternative for all your presents and arrangements with roses and we want, in the short term, to be the best and the number one option thanks to our quality, punctuality, creativity and not least, thanks to excellent prices.

Find the perfect gift in Kingdom Roses 1, we have a wide assortment of arrangements for all occasions, we also make products tailored to your needs, tell us your idea and together, we will make it a reality.

Our Team

More than a team, we are a family with immense love for the work we do, we want you to always carry a message of love, happiness and joy to as many people as we can, we believe that flowers are a silent company that comforts with the music of their colors

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